Moving to Manchester?

Congratulations, you’ve made an excellent decision! Manchester is incredible. We love the place and, more importantly, God loves it too. You’re going to have an amazing time here and, believe us, that’s down to so much more than just your degree! The Lord has exciting plans for you over your time as a student and we pray that not only would they come to fruition, but that they would go beyond your wildest hopes or expectations.

Some things to do:

Check out some churches before you come. If you go to the Vinelife or reach (our young adults service) websites you can find out a bit more about us as a church (we’re also on facebook). And there’s also a page there with links to other churches that we love so you can find out about them too.

Read our Survive guide – it should give you some interesting things to mull over and hopefully help you out a bit!

Get in touch. If you have any questions about Manchester, uni life, churches etc etc we’d love to help you. Just use the form below or email


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